Location: Cape Town, South Africa

I started my career as a hairdresser by the age of 16 in Switzerland. By the age of 20 I moved to Cape Town and worked as a stylist for 2 years before I opened my own salon at the age of 22. I currently employ 12 people in my salon and we do regular workshops, shows and anything that has to do with style. We are constantly looking for opportunities to grow and improve ourselves. Creativity is a constant engagement with the inner potential to bring forth beauty. I worked for 2 years as a freelance make-up artist in the film industry in Cape Town. I worked on commercials, TV ads and fashion stills.

My strength is the creation of shape and form and in the process of that, I can perceive the holistic picture of the person, from which I am able to enhance the shape with makeup and color. Through the creation of the shape all other aspects fall into place. I like to experiment with different materials to enhance the experience of texture, style and perception of dimensions.