Location: Panama City, Panama

I've been working tirelessly as a hairdresser for many years and being a beautician does not stop at making a client look nice. I act as the creative director in my own beauty salon. I have a degree in Marketing and Advertising and worked in television, radio, newspapers, and fashion magazines. I started working with Sebastian Professional in 1995 as an advocate, then SDA, and now as a Stylist Design Team member. In 2005, I received the Rising Star Award, given to the stylist with most technical and artistic skills in cutting, coloring, and finishing. I love what I do so much!

As a hairdresser I have to explore the emotional and creative side of styling, haircuts and products, and I have to discover and transmit the expressive content of hair to the audience. In my business, my favorites are cutting and styling. I also express my creativity by doing photo shoots working for designers and magazines. Working on stage is a part of me, my essence - that's my strength.