Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

In the late nineties her career started and she learned about the basics of hairdressing in a little village in The Netherlands. She moved to Rotterdam and interested by the craftmanship of hairdressing she was introduced into the world of Sebastian Professional. There she met creative minds and masters of the next level. Always driven by her passion she joined the ride into the rollercoaster of worshops, shows, presentations, events and editorial hair in Sao Paolo, Athens, Moscow, Warsaw, Belgium, Paris and many cities in Holland.
Next to her passion and ambition with Sebastian she is always eager to grow and learn as much as she can. Active as a freelance hairstylist and educator, she also assists other hairstylists and creative minds such as Ed Moelands, Michael Polsinello, Shay Dempsey, Hester Wernert & Siko van Berkel etc. at fashion shows, shoots and workshops.