Who are you and what do you do? My name is Michael Polsinelli and I am a Global Artistic Director for Sebastian Professional.

What brought you/inspired you to start a career in the hair industry? My family owned a hair salon in Toronto, so it was a no-brainer for me to start a career in the hairdressing industry. But what really inspired me to continue and take the direction that I did was that I hadn't explored all the creative capabilities that I felt inside myself. It was this uncertainty that drove me to push my creative insecurities to the limit when I was just starting in the industry. I wanted to be a complete hairdresser so I put myself in uncomfortable creative situations.

For those who would like to have a career like yours, could you tell us how you got where you are right now? There isn't one specific reason that has lead me to where I am today. I believe that it was a chain of events in my life and making the right career decisions. I trained, sacrificed and worked very hard. Believing in myself helped me achieve my goals. Additionally, I’ve watched many talented hands and listened to many great minds.

You have styled a lot of celebrities for TV appearances in your career, but you decided to focus more on education. To that end, you opened an International Hair Academy in Florence, Italy in 2009. What led you to take on this new role? In all honesty, I don't see it as a new role really, I believe it to be an evolution. I have been teaching – or maybe the adequate word is “sharing” information – for over 14 years. It's our collective responsibility to give back to hairdressers and share our experiences so that our industry keeps moving forward. In this new role you have to inspire others. Where do you find your own inspiration/s? In everything and everywhere! If you keep your eyes and ears open, you can easily be inspired. Depending on what I am looking for, I can be inspired by fabric, fashion, people, nature… the list goes on.

With more than 20 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, can you tell us how, in your opinion, Sebastian Professional stands apart from other professional brands? What sets Sebastian apart is the company's rich history and that the brand has pioneered the industry in so many ways. Sebastian Professional is not afraid to make people raise an eyebrow because the brand is all about being provocative and is always looking for what’s next. We are not afraid to break the rules!

You used to live in Florence (Italy) and now you are back in Los Angeles. Can you tell us how each of these cities inspire/inspired your work? The diversity of both cities is so extreme that it really opened up my eyes to how we are affected by our environment. I believe lifestyle and culture changes the way we see things and feel. Both cities offer their own unique twist in fashion, media, culture, history and mind-set!