Location: Paris, France

Riadh started in 1984 as a junior in the Hair Stars Academy in Paris and had the chance to learn the job surrounded by passionate people. In 1986, he was nominated as a trainer and a couple years later as the assistant of the art director, doing videos and step by steps for professional magazines. He left the Academy to gain experience in different salons in Paris. Another academy contacted him in 1990, where he did demos for KMS and Trevor Sorbie product lines. In 1992, he joined Sebastian, and has been there ever since. From Specialist to the Interational Artistic Team, 20 years of his professional life has been dedicated to this name with love and passion.
He loves cutting hair; that's where he comes from. Starting with Sebastian, he discovered the power of products and how they can change the texture of hair. It has changed his perception of hair, and he learned how to find the best way to mix all the different aspects of our art.